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Pumzile Lekale

Pumzile Lekale

Events & PRO


Hello! My name is Pumzile, and I am excited to serve as the Adventist Athletics Club Events and Public Relations Officer.

As a long-time runner and fitness enthusiast, I understand the importance of staying connected with others who share similar interests. That’s why I am thrilled to be part of our athletics club, where we can come together to support each other and promote a healthy lifestyle.

As the Events and Public Relations Officer, my main goal is to organize engaging and exciting events that bring our members together and help us build a sense of community. I am also responsible for promoting our club’s activities and accomplishments to the public, and raising awareness about the benefits of running, cycling, hiking, walking or swimming and fitness.

To achieve this goal, I work closely with our team of volunteers to plan and execute a variety of events, such as group runs, social gatherings, charity runs, and more. I also collaborate with local media outlets and influencers to spread the word about our club’s activities and achievements.

As a leader, I am committed to creating events that are inclusive, safe, and fun for everyone. I believe that by working together, we can inspire others to take up running, hiking, brisk walking, cycling or swimming and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Overall, I am excited to be serving as the Events and Public Relations Officer for our athletics club, and I am dedicated to promoting the joy and benefits of sport to our community. I invite you to join us for our next event and discover the power of running, hiking, walking, cycling or socialising together!